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Technical FAQs

My device is requesting Turtball access my location, do I need to accept it?

No. The game does not require or use this permission but some mobile devices/tablets will ask for it regardless. Decline the prompt if you wish and restart the app. We do not take any personal information from users. Turtball is a game that is safe to use for everyone.

Some levels are slow and sometimes freeze, is there a fix for this?

Although Turtball has been modified to run on the lowest specification mobile devices and tablets, on some older devices you may experience slowing when there are a lot of fishes on the screen. Closing down applications you are not using can ease the problem.

My device heats up when playing Turtball, is this causing damage to my device?

Turtball will utilise more of a device’s processor than other apps due to the game’s graphics. Use over a long period of time will cause processors in older devices to heat up. We advise that frequent breaks are taken, mainly to prevent eye strain but this can also prevent devices heating up. If you are concerned about your device overheating or the damage caused, please check out this article from

Game FAQs

I completed a level and collected a coin but it’s not showing on the world screen, is there an issue with the app?

In order to unlock the artefact levels, coins need to be collected in order to break the code. So for example, if you did not collect the coin on level 144 but completed the level, completing 145 with the coin will not add coin 145 to your collected coins on the world screen. This is only applicable per world and not to the game as a whole.

Sometimes the game ends when there’s still time left on the clock, what’s happening?

In certain levels there are “enemies” that can damage Timmy’s beach ball. Keep an eye on the LIFE bar at the top of the game screen and if it is completely red, the ball will pop and the level will finish.

I find it difficult to move Timmy across the screen sometimes.

As Turtball is a landscape-only game, grime can build up on the left edge of the mobile device/tablet which can be wiped away with a dry cloth, leading to better control. For a better contact with the beach ball, keep your finger on the screen when moving Timmy.